Builder flats services

If you are booking your flat with a local builder it has several advantages if you have a look on them and go for them on time. So, if it’s so then there are many disadvantages too like the other side of the coin. So do have a look on both the sides before deciding the same for you.


You can physically see what your home will be like when completed, before you even get started building on site


You’re unable to compare apples with apples by getting a second price due to copyright.

You’ll live in a ‘one size fits all’ home. Which is OK if you’re just like everyone else?

There will be barely any consideration to your block and the angle or aspect – which means you, may have very poor solar passive design principles included in your home if your block faces a different direction to the display home.

You probably won’t be able to make many changes. If you are allowed they will more than likely be priced at a higher than standard margin.

Hidden costs are added to the price of the house. Items like site costs, local government costs and concrete pumps are examples of this.

The building broker in the display (New Home Sales Consultant) will provide you with biased advice after all, they are looking after the interests of the builder.

You need to trust the builder is honest in all dealings and that the work on the building site is acceptable, especially if you have no way of checking it yourself. So do have a look and then decide yourself when and for what to go for. As it can be a milestone but it can also differ if you do not opt for the right tastes and preferences for yourself so for making a right decision have a look at residential architects perth.