Clash of Clans

Clash of clans hack town hall 6 basics

This is a very dangerous farming level as far as this gaming is concerned. It is at level six that you become the pillar of the game depending on the efforts attained from previous levels. This is because the strength you attained from the downer levels reaches a climax at this level. This could be regarded as a tough level because it is indeed important to keep to your standards and don’t look back. This is why it is necessary to know a few basics of the clash of clans hack to use at this stage.


* Use the healing spell wisely. This is the only level where you get this spell. It is therefore an opportunity to use it and cast spell on your opponents in a more defensive manner. You should be quick to every little chance gotten here by being very specific to what you hit.

* Set your goals. This is important especially after identifying which direction you want to take the game. If you can get as much resources as possible, the better because these are what you need to move to greater heights.

* Know your enemies well. Once you know them and their tactics, it is easy to attack them. Train your troops well and make vigorous attacks. The farming strategy is what is required here and it is regarded as to work best in level six than any other level.

* Upgrade your wall. This is strategy is very strong and works effectively. A simple upgrade will mean that you don’t spend a lot every time you want to attain more resources. Upgrade should also be done one at a time so that as some become weaker, others are energized to keep off