The circuit diagram is an important document worth safekeeping

It is a known fact that the most important aspect of a circuit is its diagram. Without a circuit diagram one cannot assemble a circuit. At the same time without a circuit diagram it is very difficult to pinpoint the electrical faults and take steps to rectify the same. This is more important in today’s world because most of the wiring today is concealed behind the walls of the house. Without a diagram it becomes very difficult to establish which wire goes where. One way to identify is to use wires of different colors. That is not usually done because there is a uniform color code of wires which the electrician has to adhere to. Whenever a new installation is made, the circuit diagram is drawn and handed over to the client for safekeeping. The client should ensure that the circuit diagram is made available to the electricien velizy villacoublay when he is summoned to rectify an electrical fault.

With the aid of the circuit diagram, he would be able to understand the wiring of the house and this enables him to arrive at the location of the fault quickly. Once the fault is located, the remedial measures can follow swiftly. This is the importance of circuit diagrams that people should understand. It may be a diagram of lines, dots and dashes to the common man but for the electrician it is an encyclopaedia. He can decipher the lines and dashes perfectly as he has been adequately trained to do so. It should be ensured that the circuit diagram is kept in a safe place. One can take a copy of the diagram and paste it at a prominent place near the main panel board. It should be easily accessible during an emergency as the circuit diagram is the heart of the wiring system in a house.