RV Storage

Avail the extra facilities on offer

America is home to the maximum number of Recreational Vehicles (RV) in the world. One should know the difference between a normal truck and an RV truck. An RV is a motor vehicle or trailer equipped with living space and amenities one finds in a home. They are also referred to as camper van or caravan in many places. These vehicles occupy large area for parking. In case one has to relocate to another town, in case one is not able to take his RV immediately, one can avail the services of RV storage Casa Grande for safeguarding their precious vehicles. Parking the RV at a storage unit has its own advantages. They offer a host of amenities free of cost such as washing and cleaning of the RV on a regular basis. They have a special bay where the RV can be towed and washed. All the major facilities such as pressurized sprays, high quality foam and soap and ionized spot free rinsing facilities are available. All these features ensure that the RV is washed in the most professional manner possible.

Specialized water bays which can accommodate RV‘s of bigger sizes are also available. RV dump stations are also available at these storage units where the covered area protects the RV from heat, sun and rain. The floor of the dump station is tilted in such a way that water flows automatically to the drainage areas which guarantees a complete wash of the vehicle every time one uses them. The swish and flush pedals which are used in these dump areas are also odour free and hence the most unpleasant job is done in an easy and sanitised manner. The RV storage units have many more facilities which are normally not available to other vehicles and thus one should take advantage of these.